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Greetings This is Ashtar.
Well, here we are at the beginning of something big!
President Obama has made it clear in public and behind the scenes, who the Commander is.
No longer will the talking heads make the news. All the criminals will be brought into Custody.

When the Announcements begin on television, there will be a stunned silence.
This news will bring tremendous relief to the American Public.
What they aren't saying on the censored main stream news is that the vast majority of Americans
know that 'something is up' even if they are not clear what it is.
It will be a relief for Every One, especially those with the greatest need.

When Our Ships Decloak, including our vast MotherShips, there will be a Shift that cannot even be imagined at this moment. The herstory and history will be told over the airwaves of what has really been happening behind the scenes. When it is known on all levels, what really happened, those who have not told the truth will be exposed.
This will bring in the Greatest Ascension Wave imaginable. All of the Ones that are still a little sleepy will have a sudden abrupt surge of understanding, ecstatic joy and bliss. Even though they forgot the detail s of who they are, they will suddenly remember. All of the worries about health care, joblessness, money problems, war, hunger, all of the survival issues will melt away. The solutions will not be instant, but they will know help is here. They will know they have been set free from the slavery of survival. There are some who will not accept the news, they will have fear and denial. Each One will work their way through the information in a way that they have chosen. Each Soul is on a different place in the Spiritual Path.
The New Reality will be vastly different than what you know today. With the Galactic Mentors available to all, the Truth revealed, with the new technology will come changes in all aspects of life. Continue to share what you know with the people in your life. Respect where they are in the understanding of the news. You all will be asked to rise to new challenges which you never imagined before.
As we go forward with the Master Plan Be In Joy! Many of you remember the decades of waiting for everything to be laid as it needed to be. It felt like the waiting may be unbearable. In fact, some gave up the wait. Remember that every aspect of the Plan was carefully weighed and recalibrated continuously as we went along. Only by taking care of every detail, every document, every Soul, where we able to bring Disclosure to completion. As the arrests go public, the ones holding up the end to Nuclear Proliferation will be gone. We will have World Peace, No Nukes and No Flukes, with Disclosure and Announcements!サルート!アシュタル(ベス&マーク)
Beth and Mark

Ashtar Update 4 March 2010






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